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Total crazy

As I was walking in to see the premiere of “the other woman”I was shocked to see that WordPress had made a announcement on my page that said I have 100 followers!  OK to most of you that may not be much to make a whole post over but to me its amazing. I never expected to have people follow my words.  OK I cried!  I’m so happy!
When I decided to do this in January I knew nothing about blogging.  OK.i said I wasn’t gong to lie on this blog and so let’s the truth,  I still don’t. I have no clue what I’m doing besides posting and comments.  Sad huh! Time to get crackin. I gotta do that word press hero thing I keep forgetting about until it’s too late.  My bad!


Blood moon 41414

Golly that picture is almost nonexistent


Sunrise 41414 Phoenix AZ

For those of you wanting to know how the movie was.  It was fanfrakintastic and hysterical.  Every woman should see this movie.  My husband who gets dragged to all of the premiers we go to says it was OK.  Leave the men home.  This is a total gf movie. Since I’ve buried my two best friends the roster is VERY open and I’m desperately in Read the rest of this entry »